2013: Updates and O.A.F.

Happy New Year, Spicy fans. January calls for a number of quick updates. 1. I’ve got a few side projects brewing right now. One project that I started this summer is Our Autonomous Future. It’s a small repository for thinking on the future of transit, cities, technology, and where it’s all moving — all while trying […]

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Enough Links For The Rest of Your Life, Pt. 1

More from the backlog. Projects in the tubes. Inspirational videos have been consumed. Let’s get back at it, Spicy fans. In the words of Percy Davis, “Bang! Done.“Additional, interesting reads. Some old, some newer-ish: Daniel Bejar’s “Get Lost!” (pictured above) Crowdfunding Ad Space App assists with multifunctional perfection of chocolate chip cookie recipes Very old, but […]

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Haunted Factories: Spicy Backlog

I found this trailer during a journey to a highly praised, but under-delivering fried chicken palace in middle ohio. Anyways, apparently haunted houses now come in the industrial variety: The Factory of Terror. I’ve always loved the idea that horror stories and cultural demons are very deep reflections of the society that they exist in. […]

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Dusting Off: Spicy Backlogs

Good afternoon Spicy readers! As we’ve undergone a site transition, new year, and general reinvigoration, the catacombs have been cleared out to make way for new goodness. What follows will be the first of a large number of posts, highlighting things collected, but never-before-shared. Enjoy. A miniature Canal Street subway cross-section by Alan Wolfson. I […]

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Spicy Recap and Revival

And we’re back! It’s been an odd and liminal year++ is all I will say, lest this this site of mine devolve into middle-school xanga territory. But, I’m back and have 70 odd post blips, new art projects, and random goodness that I plan on sharing. Time to slow things down, type out my thoughts, […]

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Guy Tillim x Jo’Burg

[Al’s Tower, a block of flats on Harrow Road, Berea, overlooking the Ponte building, from the “Jo’Burg” series, 2004] Guy Tillim’s quiet photo documentary of Hillbrow, South Africa manages to clearly and thoughtfully describe post-apartheid life, without posturing or explicitly capturing individual suffering. His photos really are quite remarkable. “Though Guy Tillim is often considered […]

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