I thought I’d start out with a general what-to-look-forward-to for my blog. Normally people would post a blurb, description, something in the about page, but this is really not a blog with a mission. Rather, it is a mission with a blog. I thrive on exploring and am loaded with lots of lofty goals and aspirations. This is my outlet. It will not be a diary. It will not be a specialized and focused niche blog. Much like myself, it will be all over the place. Coming up on spicybiscotti — my travels and travails through the concrete island of Manhattan, graphic novels, finding the perfect donut, thoughts and commentary on the practice of competitively eating processed meat, and much more. Here is a taste of what you can expect in the future — my recent trip to the Trailer Park Bar and Lounge — more on that to come.

Trailer Park Bar and Lounge NYC


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