NYC Food Retrospective (Pt. 1: Luz)

Luz: 177 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205
Here’s the other half of the double post — Stumbled upon after walking from bodega to bodega looking for something to eat, Luz was a pleasant surprise in an otherwise non-culinary neighborhood. Besides some really tasty food, the bartender should be noted too. He’s a very charming guy and will immediately make you feel comfortable (he’s bilingual (at least) as well). I’m at a loss for his name, but he was very nice and very helpful.


Above is the entraña: a grilled skirt steak with chimmichurri rojo, three spanish cheese fondue, grilled asparagus, and crispy sweet garlic plantains. The fondue and asparagus were excellent (and who doesn’t like plantain bowls?). Crispy sweet garlic plantains were something unexpected and paired very nicely with the grilled veggies and fondue as well as the very tender skirt steak.


Equally as gratifying as the food are Luz’s cocktails. I have tried the pisco sour, which was good, though topped with an inordinate amount of cinnamon. Pictured here, next to the complimentary plantain chips and tangy sauce (? — not quite sure what it is, but it is tasty) is the Calle Violeta. Made with guatemalan cardamon infused apple bacardi, lychee, violet flower extract and cava, this drink was the perfect way to end a blisteringly hot brooklyn day. I am just disappointed I didn’t have more time to sample some of the other libations.

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