Kitsch of the Day: Oy! Oy! Oy!

Apologies for lack of posting. No internet access and no computer make it kind of hard. Excuses aside, I am back and in action. Training for my job is finished and I have some free time on my hands once again. So, today I have a double post. First of all, I am posting a new sporadic feature — KITSCH OF THE DAY! So, here it is. Found in the heap of mislabed foods, terrifying halloween decorations, and other oddities, also known as Big Lots: The LUAU FOUNTAIN!

This tiki god not only acts as a punch bowl, but also cries the said punch through it’s fake wooden plastic eyes. Creepy, but entertaining. Admission: I broke down and bought one for cocktails. For $20 bucks I couldn’t pass up such a find.

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