NYC Food Retrospective (Pt. 2: The Doughnut Plant)

Oh how I miss you doughnut plant — here, here I ate the most delicious donut of my life. This is what it looked like.


That donut pictured above is a square peter-pan peanut butter glazed yeast donut with a blackberry jelly filling. Notice the thoughtful donut construction — just barely any dough on top, so one can bite right through to the jelly filling and just enough dough on the bottom — to finish that bite with a good mouthful of chewy peanut buttery deliciousness. The jelly was also inserted in perfect amount. The layer was thick enough to taste and complement the peanut butter, but not too much to the point where it would explode in a suggestive mess all over my face. I could go on and on about this donut.

Here is what my second and nearly equally as delicious donut looked like.


This donut, the “chocolate blackout” is a dark chocolate cake donut, with dark chocolate frosting, injected with dark chocolate pudding. While, not as delicious as the peter-pan glazed donut, eaten in a different context before that donut, this, this would have been the best donut of my life. At times, it was almost too intensely chocolate, but the almost is indicative that that is very much an impossibility in my life.

Finally, I’ll finish with a picture of the triple chocolate donut. This was my least favorite of the three, but other popnuts (coined by the blognut — dunkin’ donuts, krispy kremes, etc.) still could never compare to this. Here it is:


The Doughnut Plant is located on 379 Grand St., New York, NY 10002.

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