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I just felt the need to share a few art pieces that have temporarily blown my mind in the last week or so.

[via Craft, Wooster Collective, WMMNA and Vvork]

*Chu Yun//Constellation: A black room slowly evolves as viewers eyes adjust. Stellar constellations yield to visible stacks of blinking electronics.


*Schuyuan//Heat Sensitive Wallpaper: Wallpaper that interacts with changing temperatures. Intense flowers bloom around heat sources.

Heat Sensitive Wallpaper

*BUFFdiss vs. The Queen//Masking Tape Art: Link to Flickr set of photos from BUFFdiss’ Melbourne show. It’s always exciting to see artwork like this — made with traditionally boring and common products, but in novel ways.

BUFFdiss vs. The Queen

*Richard Box: Box plants fields of fluorescent tubes beneath high voltage power lines. The fluorescent lights planted are powered wirelessly by the surrounding electromagnetic field.

Richard Box

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