NYC Food Retrospective (Pt. 3: The Donut Pub)

I recently made a trip (I’m ashamed to admit it) to a pop-nut shop out of desperation. It has been so long since I have had a good donut. The altogether lack of donuts was manifesting itself in physical withdrawal. Dunkin’ Donuts was scarcely satisfying, but got rid of the shakes. Either way, after getting my hands on some half-assed donuts I thought it would be good to reminisce about some more donuts from my past.

[The first photo below is attributed to roboppy — I believe I was a little too intent on eating the donut to remember a picture on the way out. The other photos are mine.]

The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub is a 24-Hour-all-night-purveyor-of-wonderful-ness. Under the neon lights you can find an excellent assortment of all the traditional donut-type pastries. There is not much in the way of donut-experimentation, but lack of experimentation is made up for by general glazed goodness.


Above and below are shots of the apple cinnamon donut. Granted, I have a predisposition to these donuts (in the sense that it is rare that I have ever encountered which was disapproved of), but this was unlike any other. The dough was incredibly light and fluffy, overall an excellent consistency, while still leaving enough “meatiness” to be satisfying. The sugar/cinnamon mix was sprinkled at exactly the right strength in an even coating. Inside, the apple filling was of the caliber that warranted many pornographic oh’s, shit’s, miscellaneous swear words, and other guttural noises. People passing while I was devouring must have been terrified.


Next is a chocolate donut — a pretty good donut. It did not receive quite the reaction as the donut above, but it was still made with that perfect consistency that wills me salivate over any of their donuts. Though not as impressive as the apple cinnamon, the chocolate donut makes any competitor’s seem terribly unworthy.


And finally, though not pictured, I consumed a whole wheat cake donut. Unlike the first two above I was not overly pleased with its selection, but it was still tasty. For a donut it was not incredible. I can imagine it would be hard to make a whole wheat donut. The idea in itself seems slightly oxymoronic, which is why I don’t want to be overly critical. It did have a nice hearty feel for a cake donut, and managed to feel healthy (though I can’t imagine it was), while maintaining a pleasant light sweetness. With that being said, that day I think I was just looking for donuts as donuts. I guess it did not quite fit the bill as light, sugary, and delectable. Maybe it would be something I would grab to convince myself I was eating healthier (knowing well that I wasn’t), for a guilt-free donut fix. Even that sounds pretty good right about now.

The Donut Pub is located on 203 W. 14 St., New York, NY 10011

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