Kitsch of the Day: Bigger Junk Food for the Easily Unsatisfied

Are you a growing boy? Do you just want to end it? Do you really (I mean really) need to do some fatgirlin’ today? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the site for you. It’s called Pimp That Snack [originally Pimp My Snack]. After discovering it a while ago, I stumbled upon it recently and remembered how much the site made me smile. McDonald’s apple pie not fatty enough for you? Cadbury Creme Egg too small? Easy solution. Pimp it. Here’s the basic synopsis: Pimp That Snack curates the loose-recipes, creations, and pictures of enorm-ified versions of everyday food. Yes, I know the site has kind of a crap title, but I’ll look past that for just about anything that is related to taking disgustingly fatty foods and making them even larger, even less nutritious, and even more appetizing.


Pimp That Snack

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