Helvetica: The Circle Jerk not the Typeface

Huh? That’s what I was thinking as well. Much like the documentary they were watching, Helvetica viewers were very much in different camps. I had a chance to see the film at an earlier screening in September. Personally, I felt it was well done, presenting views from different schools of designers, explaining the background and history of the typeface, and also dabbling a bit into typographic theory. The film itself was visually pleasing and certainly presented more than enough evidence to solidify the pervasiveness of Helvetica. When walking out though, my smiles were met by frowns and moaning. Another viewer, who comes from a scientific background, was bored and frustrated by the film. She felt that the whole film was one huge graphic design circle jerk — a perpetual reach around. Being a child of a graphic designer, I was totally unphased by it all. It didn’t quite seem so pornographically sycophantic in my head. To be honest, the entire design world (or the part that I have experienced) is just that — all about brownnosing. So, in other words, I thought it was true to the demographic it was documenting. Ass kissing aside, I found Helvetica an enjoyable and informative documentary. You should check it out for yourself.

[Here is a list of upcoming screenings.]


[Image via Swiss Miss]

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