The History of the Internet (or something like that)

Okay, we all know that the internet started as a military project, ARPANET (at least the geekier of those among us are aware of this). It’s understood that the original intentions of this mammothly influential creation were militaristic, something to be used to relay communications in case of a nuclear attack. While that may be true, the implicit intentions of the internet have only recently come to light: an attempt to bring the modern version of the portly Victorian Gentleman back to power (see below for side-by-side). Only in the past decade or so have men like this felt comfortable enough to venture out into the world. Their virtual connection to others has facilitated this slow introduction into society, one which is building in power and intensity. I’ll let the article speak for itself, but had it not been for my dedicated ethernet connection, my obsession with knick-knacks and tchotckes would probably not be socially acceptable. Thank god for the internet.

Link [via Something Awful]

Victorian GentlemanModern Man

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