Post of Procrastination: Vinyl

I have a paper due today, but instead of working on it right now I’m going to post Vinyl Toys 101: Essentially vinyl toys (and their plush counterparts) are an intersection of high art, mass produced art (a la Warhol), lowbrow, graffiti, urban culture and DIY. When you buy a vinyl toy you are usually […]

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Crude and Gaudy

Satirical, yet expensive. I’m not quite sure whether I love or hate the statement made by wearing oil drum bling (and whether or not it is subversive or merely masturbatory). Created by Design Glut, these crude oil barrels are made in both gold plated sterling silver ($145) and solid 24k gold ($790). On one hand […]

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Mattel Love: Real Dolls

Though Lars and the Real Girl may be recently turning people onto the idea of love dolls as companions, it has been a topic that I have been interested in for quite some time. While that may be true, this type of postmodern Pygmalion still baffles and depresses me to this day. I find it […]

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