Crude and Gaudy

Satirical, yet expensive. I’m not quite sure whether I love or hate the statement made by wearing oil drum bling (and whether or not it is subversive or merely masturbatory). Created by Design Glut, these crude oil barrels are made in both gold plated sterling silver ($145) and solid 24k gold ($790). On one hand I was immediately drawn to the picture of this necklace while browsing NOTCOT, partially because of aesthetics, and partially because of its subversive nature. Initial impressions aside, I can’t help but think that there isn’t at least a slight hypocrisy in wearing $790 jewelry as a political statement. Yes, it could be said that the point wouldn’t be made if oil wasn’t “chic” enough to warrant such a premium, but purchasing something with a price tag as such, seems to negate one’s ability to truly critique capitalism/a national dependency on oil and oil revenue.

Link [via NOTCOT]



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