Post of Procrastination: Vinyl

I have a paper due today, but instead of working on it right now I’m going to post Vinyl Toys 101:

Essentially vinyl toys (and their plush counterparts) are an intersection of high art, mass produced art (a la Warhol), lowbrow, graffiti, urban culture and DIY. When you buy a vinyl toy you are usually buying a small run, often quirky, and typically affordable art piece. They’re pretty cool. Okay — they’re addictive. I’m sort of a collector and hoarder by nature, so when you present me with limited edition, cute/subversive, often food related toys I have a hard time not clicking add to cart. Vinyl toys have been growing in popularity over the past few years and have become increasingly visible in popular culture (ex. Lupe Fiasco’s inclusion of vinyl toys in his video), while the artists and fashion around vinyl toys have exploded as well (think Kanye style colorful hoodies). If you aren’t acquainted with vinyl toys, you should go check out: The Wiki Article, Plastic and Plush, and Vinyl Pulse. For a good store I recommend Rotofugi, Giant Robot, or MyPlasticHeart.

Here is an upcoming release to get geeked about: CHUPACABRA!

From the incredible combo of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim (the two responsible for Ugly Dolls) comes yet another backwoods monster. This livestock devouring toy, part of Wonderwall’s Kaiju for Grown-ups Series, will drop in December.



And on a p.s.

[I personally don’t quite consider this a vinyl toy, but I thought it deserved a mention — if only because of my total confusion about why I kind of want one/why that repulses me.]

Hey kids! Pick up your very own (Blackwater?) Private Military Contractor! Complete with automatic rifle, AK-47 and no accountability!



[links via Plastic and Plush]

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