New Years Eve: Prequel to the Year of Nate

Yep. I said it. 2008 will be my year. Too many years have gone to other people and this year I have decided it will be mine.

Success. Check. Happiness. Check. Romance. Check. Any problems. Absolutely negatory.

Basically I’ve decided everything is going to be copacetic in 2008 and it has no choice but to bow its head and follow my lead.

Now for my obligatory New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Take the Plunge – Ubuntu: Though I already have Ubuntu installed as a second boot, I still use OS X as my primary operating system. This is going to change. I truly believe in open source and what it stands for. Going Ubuntu is the first step in supporting the cause.
  2. Shake it – Get Fit: Oh yes. The time-tested, yearly broken, get-fit resolution. I’m not going to go nutso-diet or anything like that though. I just want to feel good. Some basic exercise 3x weekly is a good place to start.
  3. Work it – Portfolio: 2008 is the year of cranking out projects. I’m not taking art classes (or more than a bare minimum) so my portfolio for graduate school is in my own hands. Expect to see my projects frequently.
  4. Sleepy Time – Internal Clock: Yes it’s 4:40 and yes, my sleep schedule is fucked. I’ve been doing well over break, with few exceptions and I intend to keep it up. I will be getting to bed at more normal hours and waking up accordingly. There’s too much living that I’m missing.
  5. DanceMaster – Live Shows: Dan Deacon @Scrummage University will be a nice way to start off the year. I plan on many more shows being added to the list.

That should do it for this year.

This is Nate, signing off for 2007.

Baby New Year

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