Blip Post: Booksmarts

Here’s an amazing infographic of popular books vs. SAT scores (popularity pulled from facebook). Apparently the smartest books to enjoy would be Lolita and 100 Years of Solitude. Of note, between “the Bible” and “the Holy Bible”, the latter is enjoyed by less intelligent people. Interesting. Link [via Boingboing / image via Abhishek]

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Font ♥: Typeworkshop

Typeworkshop is an amazing/beautiful/fun example of experimental typography. It was started by the people over at Underware (who also have an amazing book called “Read Naked,” meant to withstand saunas, with parts that can only be read actually within a sauna). Acting as a web platform for real-world type classes, the site displays the amazing […]

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Revolution in the Streets: Ciclovia

Awkward jump suits and Baywatch references aside, Bogotá, Colombia has a pretty cool program going on. Here’s the basic idea: each Sunday, every week, the city shuts down an entire 70 miles of road, pushing motorists out of the way to let pedestrians and bicyclers invade the city. It’s called “Ciclovia” and it looks pretty […]

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Bikes on My Mind: The Cool Kids

Unfortunately, I missed out on being introduced to the Cool Kids when they rolled through Detroit this fall with M.I.A. Thankfully their video found its way to me anyways. Now I can’t seem to get enough. Check out their crisp electro-beat-laden ode to BMX below. The Cool Kids: Black Mags Black Mags [pic via nialler9]

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