Burgin’: Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger

We members of the Spicy team love all things delicious. We’re “foodies” if you will. As such, one of our favorite past-times is something we lovingly call “Burgin'”, defined by Urban Dictionary as “experiencing the ferocious need for a huge, gnarly burger”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

In the first of what will undoubtedly become a semi-regular feature here, we present to the world Halo Burger. Most of us Michiganders are well acquainted with this wonderful franchise, but if you’re from outside the state you probably haven’t heard the gospel of Bill Thomas. Although the same recipe for the burgers has been used in Flint since 1923 (then served at the Kewpee Hotel), it was in 1958 that Thomas acquired the business and began to grow it into the “heavenly” chain it is now.

We recently visited the downtown Flint location which resides in the old Vernor’s outlet on Saginaw Street. My time at Kettering University had included many trips to Halo Burger, but Nate, being from Ohio, had never experienced the culinary sex that a Beefy Double Cheese offers.

Vernor's Outlet

The Vernor’s mural outside is a real sight to see.

The Spread

The Ketchup Army.

The Beefy Double

This is the Beefy Double Cheese. It’s a triple burger with two slices of cheese.

The Moneyshot

The money-shot. Your first time is always special.

If you’re in mid-Michigan, the map below will lead you to burger bliss.
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2 thoughts on “Burgin’: Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger

  1. I hope you introduced him to the olive burger. That one puts the halo in the burger.

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