Detroit Couture: House of Chants

Metro Detroit isn’t exactly known for it’s shopping or fashion culture, but look hard enough and you may find some gems. House of Chants is one such gem. Located in the now-hip Ferndale, the store offers high quality fashions from designers that most in southeast Michigan have yet to experience.

When sisters Linda and Cindy opened House of Chants as a vintage clothing store in 1995 the stretch of 9 mile road they occupied was fairly desolate. 65% of the available retail space was vacant. In the decade since, both Ferndale and the store have changed quite a bit. The town is now a hot spot for upwardly mobile twenty and thirty-somethings who aren’t quite stuffy enough for Birmingham and want to escape the corporately manufactured feel of Royal Oak.

We visited the store recently to check out some of their latest offerings. They had a fairly large selection of both men and women’s clothing, denim, and accessories. Collections of note were those from Cleveland based Wrath Arcane, and San Fransisco based B.Son and Nice Collective. The pieces from B.Son were, in my opinion, the stars of the show and included the much talked about fleece hoodie.

B.Son Hoodie

Of course, a clothing store is only as good as it’s denim bar and House of Chants puts forth an adequate, but unremarkable effort here. I was glad to see a good selection of Nudie Jeans available including a number of dry pair. The Even Steven, Super Slim Kim, Thin Finn, and Slim Jim were all well represented, though I was hoping to see the Straight Sven and new Average Joe. Also in attendance were a few washes from Diesel which I would have liked to see replaced with either A.P.C or Wings + Horns, but I understand that quality and style are a hard sell in the face of popularity.

House of Chants

House of Chants is a pleasant surprise and I wish I’d known about it sooner. If you’re in the Detroit area it’s definitely worth a look.


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