Project no. 2: Invisible Narrative

After a long time in the tubes, I’m ready to finally drop project no. 2: Invisible Narrative. Inspired by some experimenting with lasers and glow paint this summer, invisible narrative is a response to a world increasingly filled with nonplaces — places such as grocery stores or strip malls, where shared connections and experiences are seldom made. This project aims to bring to light an unwritten history and narrative in the spaces that are inhabited daily by nameless and faceless people. The idea is that you [everyone] would carry an ultraviolet pen, writing your thoughts, interactions, and stories wherever you go. If pervasive enough, anyone could throw a black light on any wall and find an account of a life or history that is unspoken and unknown. The ultimate goal of the project is to give the ever multiplying, lifeless and sterile spaces of today a bit of humanity. As always, I would love and appreciate any comments, critiques, or thoughts.

( The pens used are simply typical security/uv pens. You can find them in bulk online or at office supply stores. You can also substitute other uv substances such as laundry detergent, etc., although pens are the most portable, permanent, and least messy.)

(Also, If anyone decides to take this project and apply it in their own neighborhood, I would endlessly appreciate any feedback/pictures/videos/etc. Drop me a line.)

3 thoughts on “Project no. 2: Invisible Narrative

  1. Hi,
    I think this is a great project. My thoughts have wondered into the use of the non-space before. The worry I’ve found is it’s continuos change in to a privatised space for advertising. So that we are constantly conditioned to consume.
    Glad to see your project.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I too have had that worry, but I treat it as I have learned from the GRL. You put your work out there in public for everyone to use — if that means that 20 people use it for good and one person uses it for evil, then so be it. It’s the nature of releasing your work. If it was never public, the 20 good would never come to be.

  3. this is a fucking great idea

    im gonna try to start it up at some of the universities here in the states…

    dude, dont give up on it yet

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