Zoo Race: Game of The Year

Billed by its developers Cougar Interactive as “the FUN game that the big game companies would not ever make,” Zoo Race manages to meld the perverse fantasy world of anthropomorphism with the perverse fantasy world of Christianity into one unforgettable game. I haven’t actually played the thing, but the full length trailer has been making the rounds and I’m still not sure if it’s for real or just an elaborate joke. If anyone actually downloads the game and plays it, leave a comment to let us know how it is. It looks laughably terrible, but something about shooting a horse out of a cannon while racing a rhinoceros does seem like fun.

One thought on “Zoo Race: Game of The Year

  1. I played the game and it works great.
    Yes, it has cannons, but it also has rockets, trampolines, catapults, earthquakes, waterslides, mudpits, bomber planes, rat hordes, piranna fish and lots more! No other game company would bother to put all that in a race, because it’s just too much work to do it. bye. 😀

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