Post of Summer Longings: Grom Gelato NYC

Sitting here in the cold and austere Michigan winter, I often find myself almost salivating to be back in a sultry New York summer. Yes, salivating. It’s one of my quirks, but my memories are almost always inexplicably linked to food. So thoughts about summer = thoughts of heat = thoughts of refuge via gelato = salivation.

When I speak of gelato, I speak most specifically about my trip (or trips) to Grom, the first stateside outpost of a renowned Italian gelateria. I had heard of Grom in whispers and exaltations on the interwebs and decided to take a train one day and try a bit myself. I went back at least one more time just that week. The way I was inducted into the cult of Grom, was via a large cup of “extranoir chocolate” & “fiordillate & menta” (dark chocolate with ecuadorian chocolate chips/whole milk and mint). Both flavors were exceptionally defined, rich, and incredibly smooth in texture. These qualities apply to most other flavors offered as well.

So, if it’s a glum day in New York, do yourself a favor and head over to Grom for some summer-like indulgence. Watch out though, before long you might find yourself making a trip at the sign of even the smallest cloud. It’s that good.

Grom Gelato

Grom can be found at:
2165 Broadway
[Upper West Side]
New York City
Tel: 1.646.290.7233

2 thoughts on “Post of Summer Longings: Grom Gelato NYC

  1. a. It was that good (I’m sure you remember that part) and b. a good food blogger always takes a photo of the menu. Haha.

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