Revolution in the Streets: Ciclovia

Awkward jump suits and Baywatch references aside, Bogotá, Colombia has a pretty cool program going on. Here’s the basic idea: each Sunday, every week, the city shuts down an entire 70 miles of road, pushing motorists out of the way to let pedestrians and bicyclers invade the city. It’s called “Ciclovia” and it looks pretty infectious, in a good way. Everything about Ciclovia seems to be positive — different classes and races interact, people learn to explore the city, families hang-out, everyone exercises, businesses benefit, etc. etc. It’s really pretty incredible. In the video, Gil Peñalosa mentions that other cities around the world are considering implementing this for their own residents. Apparently Cleveland was one of them. Being a Northeastern Ohio native I can say with certainty that the faster this is implemented, the better. As JBOT from Captured! By Robots once said, [in reference to the overflowing waistlines of Clevelanders] “I’m seeing a lot of mushroom-tops around this place.”

[via Paul Thomas and StreetFilms]

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