Hatch Showprint: Musical History via Woodblock

Founded in 1879, Hatch Showprint has captured the essence of country music, rock bands, all-star wrestling, and even sausage, from its Nashville Printshop. Initially announcing the arrival of preacher Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hatch moved onto circus’, minstrels shows, vaudeville acts, and carnivals. Located behind the world-famous Ryman Auditorium, the guys at Hatch applied their skills to the burgeoning country music era in the 1920’s, fully cementing their place in the southern music scene. Giving all jobs equal importance, Hatch applied their noteworthy graphics and eye for detail to local work as well. Gas stations, laundries, grocery stores, and movie theaters comprised the neighborhood work, which was often just as beautiful as the posters for performers.

Hatch Showprint

As the years moved forward, Hatch often found it hard to compete with bigger, faster shops. Plugging along, Hatch found security in the country music scene it had so clearly embraced, while expanding and working with new forms of entertainment as well. Over the years, ownership of Hatch changed, along with the city and music scene it was inherently linked to.

Today, though in a different location, this print shop continues to operate as it has for 129 years, though in some ways it has become a tourist attraction, museum, and historical archive as well. Bringing the flair of southern culture and the charm of wood press into the 21st century, Hatch’s recent work includes clients such as Nike, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, and even the Beastie Boys.


Elvis Presley x Hatch ShowprintSufjan Stevens x Hatch Showprint

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