Kitsch of the Day: Garden Gnomes a.k.a. Why I Was an Insomniac as a Child

On a recent trip to Big Lots, I found what would have made me shiver and shake as a child of six. Past the half-price roombas and over the awkwardly named stack of “Lets Make Fudge” kits, there they were. Droves and droves of garden gnomes. Admittedly, as a child, I saw a Goosebumps book (or possibly an episode) regarding living garden gnomes, turning my sleep cycle into one of simple deprivation. To put my fear of the irrational in perspective, all it took was seeing the book cover of Night of the Living Dummy to terrify me nightly, while only watching the making of the Exorcist had me watching out for demons left and right. I was that kind of kid.

Thank god I grew out of that. Enjoy the pics of the gnomes and neighboring frog army, below.


Garden Frogs

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