Ugly DIY: Vertical Bike Rack

So if you’re like me, you’ve noticed the “green” craze that’s sweeping the nation. You can’t drive your Hummer H1 anywhere without people rolling their eyes, and the usual excuse about taking grammy to her orthodontist appointment just isn’t cutting it. So you’ve been riding a bike.

But now you have bikes all over your crummy apartment, and your roommate is swearing at you. Except you spent all your money on rims for the H1, and you just can’t afford a proper bicycle storage solution. Spicybiscotti has your answer:

The Cheap-Ass, “Get the freakin bikes out of the kitchen” Vertical Bike Rack

Front View

Top Bike


Tension Screw

I don’t believe in long-winded, hand-holding directions. I’m pretty confident you can all figure it out. Besides, life is more fun with 9 fingers (trust me). I’ll get you started, though. It’s a 2×4, cut to about 7’7″. I drilled a hole in one end and screwed in a long lag screw. I just unthreaded the screw to tension the 2×4 against the block at the top. The bikes are held by some stud hooks that I found at Home Depot. They slide over the 2×4 crosspieces, and hold really well. The entire project cost about $15.

The best part is that it’s only collapsed once, and the pizza guy decided not to sue. (I’m just fooling. It’s sturdy as hell).

For a few more pictures, see

Go out and build one. Free your kitchen.

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