OH YEAH!: Reebok Kicks Drink the Kool-Aid

Along with an obsession with energy drinks, I am also pretty fond of low-end, sugar saturated color drinks. The key here, is the word “color.” Purple drink. Red drink. Orange drink. You know what I’m talking about — those little cheap-ass juice barrels at the value grocery or the big gallon jugs of artificial sweetness with an equally artificial name (think Tampico). If you’re searching for a quick and dirty way to achieve synesthesia, you’ve found your answer. Color and taste melded together in chotchke little plastic jugs for easy chugging? Why would I drink anything else?

Kool-Aid certainly falls into the category of low-end color drink. I used to hastily chug glass after glass on hot summer days and even blasted through Kool-Aid Man on a friend’s Atari. Obviously, there’s a good chunk of nostalgia for the grinning, obese pitcher in my sugar coated heart. Therefore, it should not come as a suprise that I’m totally geeked about these Reebok x Kool-Aid collabos. Kool-Aid Man on my feet? Awesome. They smell like Kool-Aid too! WHAT?! I can’t even deal with how amazing that is — to smell like purple drink all the time. I’m sold.

[more pics // via Styledash]

Orange Kool-Aid


Purple Kool-Aid


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