Dinosaurs Attack Starbucks: Improv Everywhere

Public pranksters and guerrilla actors, Improv Everywhere, have again befuddled many an unwitting New Yorker. Creators of the infamous fake U2 concert, as well as other public displays of joy and chaos (see: the comical suicide jumper or the equally laughable/amazing cell phone symphony), Improv Everywhere is continually generating projects that are subversive, thoughtful, and funny.

Returning to their roots at the endlessly prank-able Starbucks, IE recently toyed with the idea of portable computing. Grabbing a few technological dinosaurs (we’re talking Windows 95), three “agents” lugged their entire desktop tower setup — crt monitor and all — to browse and work. As per usual, confusion and outrageous reactions followed from bewildered customers and employees.

After watching the video multiple times, I’m not sure what I love more, the idea itself or the amazing responsiveness of the public. It’s awfully hard to decide. Check out their writeup and the video documentary here.

The Setup:

IE: Dinosaurs at Starbucks

The Reaction:

IE Reactions

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