Spicyvid Roundup: Spicy Nate

Oh, the Spicy Archives are large and vast and full of odds and ends. Today, we are pulling out some miscellany from the portfolio of Spicy Nate — for a limited time only. So we hope, humble reader, that you view the following with eager eyes and enjoyment.

“Escape” was created as an exercise in typography/after effects. The words are from the Kurt Vonnegut’s “God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian” Music is by Dan Deacon.

“Winters Love” is a piece made entirely out of vernacular photography and home videos. It was meant to embody the bliss and awe of golden-era childhood. Music is by Animal Collective.

“An Experiment in Motion” is just that. Shots focused on the minutiae and pieces parts of things moving. This was filmed in East Lansing, Michigan and features the music of Clutchy Hopkins

“Michigan to New Mexico via Rail” was taken on a recent trip to the land of mesas and cacti. Still photos were taken at seven minute intervals during the train ride to show the progression of landscape and structures. Music is by Beirut.

“Michigan to New Mexico via Rail: Version Two” is the same as the video above, but featuring a different soundtrack. Music is by Daedelus.

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