Artsy Link Dump: Clocks and Things

One of my favorite sites, Vvork has recently been plowing through the odds and ends of anything clocks, time, and art. There’s something so human about time and so iconic about time pieces. With so much embedded imagery and meaning, clocks and time can be the basis for incredibly interesting art pieces. Here are a few of my favorites:

Perfect Lovers

“Perfect Lovers” by Felix Gonzales-Torres: These two clocks are identical in make and model. Initially set to the same time, over the course of existence their hands will eventually fall out of sync.

Digital Analog

“D/A Clock” by Alvin Aronson: Making its rounds about the blogosphere, this digital analog clock recreates the chunky led typography of a typical alarm clock out of an analog set of panels. Small motors move the panels up and down to display the appropriate time.


“I Want to Believe” by Cai Guo-Qiang: While not from Vvork, (found via Make) I thought it should be mentioned. Floating inside the Guggenheim, these technicolor-lit cars represent the beautiful destruction and progression of time through the narrative of a car bombing.

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