Hold On To Your Mobiles: 700mhz Auction Ends

UPDATE: Verizon did indeed “win” the auction and is now the proud owner of the C block. AT&T got its grubby mitts on a share of it as well. *sigh*

Today is a red-letter day for technology; what with Microsoft finally releasing Vista Service Pack 1, Intel announcing plans to create a “powerful” integrated graphics solution (haven’t heard that one before, have we?), and the FCC auction for the much coveted 700mhz spectrum coming to an end. Word on what tech giant made the $19.6B winning bid is still under wraps, but the internets seem to think Verizon has it in the bag. This would be sad news for anyone hoping that Google would snatch it up and usher in a new era of openness. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The spectrum allows for some amazing possibilities for mobile devices. It can be accessed in rural areas and penetrates walls. True nationwide high-speed wireless could be just beyond the horizon. GigaOM has a great breakdown of the spectrum and The Register has a fantastic article about the value of the band. If you’re not up on what all the fuss is about, you should definitely take a look.


I’ll be in the market for a phone this summer so I’m interested in how this will turn out. I’d like to believe that it will vault US wireless networks into something truly amazing, but if Ma Bell or Verizon do indeed have it, there’s little hope. No matter what, there will soon be plenty of great new gadgets to drool over.

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