Sounds Spicy: You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Starting today, Spicybiscotti is dropping a new feature to add to the lineup of general goodness — Sounds Spicy. Basically it equates to the month long condensation of what’s oozing in and out of the ears of Spicy’s own Agent Nate. Shared via, each month will be broken down into a finite twelve track list.

Here’s to hoping this tape drop kicks whatever is left of winter way the hell out of your hometown.

Listen Here

Mix #1: You Can Never Hold Back Spring:

1. Dan Deacon: Ohio 2. Hildegard Knef: From Here on it Got Rough

3. The Microphones: Between Your Ear and the Other Ear 4. A Tribe Called Quest: Björk’s Say Dip Mix

5. Peter and the Wolf: Ivori Palms 6. The Cool Kids: I (Mikey) Rock

7. The Notorious B.I.G.: Dead Wrong 8. New Buffalo: Misery and Mountains, Arrows and Bows

9. J Dilla: Rico Suave Bossa Nova 10. She & Him [Zooey Deschanel/M. Ward]: I was Made for You

11. Tom Waits: You Can Never Hold Back Spring 12. Vampire Weekend: A-Punk


[Image via Dawanda]

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