Dollar Store Ducats: Treasures From The Bayou

Blogging can be hard work. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the inspiration or motivation to stay current. I’ve been in need of a muse for a few weeks now and today, she came to me in a 17oz. bottle.

Dollar Store Ducats will bring to light a single 99 cent item that we at Sb find to be worth so much more. Today’s item is Louisiana Supreme Chicken Wing Sauce. This day-glow orange sauce has almost no heat, but has a wonderful tangy flavor that spruces up just about anything. Over the past week I’ve used it on chicken, beef, eggs, veggies, and I’ve even snuck a few sips straight from the bottle.


The link above takes you to an online store where you can get three 12oz. bottles for around seven bucks, but if you’re lucky enough to have a Dollar Tree in your neighborhood, they carry a range of Louisiana Supreme sauces in much larger 500ml bottles for just a buck. Don’t let the upcoming grilling season go to waste. Pick up a bottle. You can thank me later.

2 thoughts on “Dollar Store Ducats: Treasures From The Bayou

  1. I LOVE this chicken wing sauce. Bought it in Utah when visiting mom..I cant find it at any of our CA. $$$ trees. ugh.

  2. Isn’t it amazing? I just made some chicken and veggies using it and I could hardly be happier.

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