This is America: Number One!

Mostly taken from the detritus filled backseat of a speeding passenger car, here’s a quick roundup of Americana: 1. Anthropomorphic Food Mascots (a la Mr. Taco) 2. Big Big Big 3. Poorly Executed Advertising. Ambiguity + Ads = Super Creepy. 4. Tacky, unnecessary ridiculousness. “Really honey, I think we need a tree face!” 5. Big […]

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Facebook Lexicon: Data Porn

Alright, it’s no secret that Team Spicy loves infographics and analytics.  I mean loves — we’re talking pornographic affinity.  If you can filter the web or life and spit it out graphically, chances are we’re getting a little hot and bothered.  Therefore, Facebook’s new Lexicon has us typing away. Here are just a few of […]

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Meaty Heaven: Hot Sauce Williams

GOT DAM! is all that really needs to be said about Hot Sauce Williams. Starting simply with the take-out box (which is completely amazing in that kitschy, americana, food icon sort of way) HSW screams tangy, juicy, and pow! It’s fairly evident that whatever manly, meaty treasure found within its non biodegradeable hold is probably […]

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Kitsch of the Day: Lazer Harpz

Sometimes things from the internet arrive in front of my eyes that are so ridiculous, so homoerotic, so incredibly kitschy, that I have no option but to stare blankly at my screen in awe. This is one of those times. Enter “Beamz,” the laser based “music performance system” [note: system NOT instrument]. Sold by none […]

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Spicy Road Trip: Notacon

Spicy’s taking a bit of a trek this weekend, way, way down to that burning river of a city. Hometown for Agent Nate, this will be Agent Drew’s first time visiting Cleveland. While we’ll no doubt be eating like kings (and let’s be honest, when don’t we), the real reason for the journey is Notacon, […]

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