Punch-Drunk Proletariat: A Guide to Bum Wine

BumWine.com does what most high-brow culinary websites are too terrified to do, chronicle the everyman, chest hair growing, bottom barrel tipple of society. Detailing the taste, effects, store locations, and most importantly price to alcohol ratio (when you’re drinking bum wine, is it ever really honestly about the taste?), BumWine delves into the sweet relief for many a commoner. Though coated with a syrup of funny, this site knows its stuff, with facts about history, bottlers, FTC confrontations and more. For example:

This chemical disaster will get your head spinning in no time. A test subject reports, “Strawberry Cisco has a bouquet similar to that of Frankenberry cereal fermented in wine cooler with added sprinkle of brandy for presentation.” The sticky, sickingly sweet taste with a hint of antifreeze really comes through in the repellant taste of Cisco. Avaliable in various flavors, 375 mL and 750mL sizes. Down a whole 750 mL and you had better be ready to clear your calendar as you suffer through Cisco’s legendary 2 day hangover.”

Probably a good thing to know.

Bum Wine Cooler

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[via Leezus]

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