Kitsch of the Day: Lazer Harpz

Sometimes things from the internet arrive in front of my eyes that are so ridiculous, so homoerotic, so incredibly kitschy, that I have no option but to stare blankly at my screen in awe. This is one of those times.

Enter “Beamz,” the laser based “music performance system” [note: system NOT instrument]. Sold by none other than the super-quality folks over at Sharper Image, Beamz essentially progresses note by note, beat by beat, through a song as your fingers break the laser’s connection. With it’s electro-synth blips and your virtuoso hand wagging skills, this contraption is sure to impress all of your friends — at least the ones who like 80s porn soundtracks.  All of this for only $599.95? HIGH-FIVE!

Oh Sharper Image, what will you pawn off on us next?! [and when will you finally go under?]

[via Make]

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