Meaty Heaven: Hot Sauce Williams

GOT DAM! is all that really needs to be said about Hot Sauce Williams.

Starting simply with the take-out box (which is completely amazing in that kitschy, americana, food icon sort of way) HSW screams tangy, juicy, and pow! It’s fairly evident that whatever manly, meaty treasure found within its non biodegradeable hold is probably beyond gustatory cognition.

Hot Sauce Box

True to the first impressions, what was hidden inside could only be described as sopping, soaking, simply covered in sweet barbecue, butter and cheesy delight. No dear readers, this was no ordinary pork shoulder combo.

Yes, the mac was disappointingly sub par, being a bit flavorless and over cooked, but this wrong was more than corrected for. Much to the delight of Agent Nate, the collard greens were exceedingly satiating — slathered in butter, covered in garlic, and prepared with love. He’s never eaten collard greens so passionately. Finally, there was the pork shoulder sandwich. It was nothing but sloppy. This is meant with the absolute utmost praise. Sloppy is not only necessary, but required for a sandwich of this caliber and Hot Sauce Williams did not disappoint. Swimming beneath the soup of barbecue waited a layer of extra tender pork and two additional pieces of the whitest, most pillowy bread. The sauce itself was incredibly delicious — sweet, tangy, and complex.

Sandwich Closeup

Finally, Hot Sauce Williams carried a rainbow of colored, sugary beverages — a favorite refreshment of Team Spicy. Tropical orange drink complimented our meal in proper barbecue fashion.

All in all, Team Spicy left Cleveland more enormous and more giddy than they had previously been. We suggest you try the same very soon.

Hot Sauce Williams - Inside

[Above you can find Agent Sean in awe of the fructose and pork oasis that is HSW]

Hot Sauce Williams
3770 Lee Road
Cleveland, OH 44128
(216) 921.4704

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