This is America: Number One!

Mostly taken from the detritus filled backseat of a speeding passenger car, here’s a quick roundup of Americana:

1. Anthropomorphic Food Mascots (a la Mr. Taco)

2. Big Big Big

3. Poorly Executed Advertising. Ambiguity + Ads = Super Creepy.

4. Tacky, unnecessary ridiculousness. “Really honey, I think we need a tree face!”

5. Big Food Shrines. Not just a cheese barn, but a cheese castle.

6. Big Food Signs.

[I’m a total sucker for anything adorned with a 20+ foot tall he-man/woman]

Be sure to keep an eye out for future “This is America” posts for more star-spangled excitement. If you happen to have anything that you feel defines this mysterious land of liberty (pictures/media/etc), please share it with us by sending it to nate [at]

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