Blip Post: Violence and Science

I’ve been meaning to throw these bits of news onto spicy for a while. Here’s what’s been blowing our minds:

{ Move over tupperware, it’s time for Taser Parties. I can just hear it now: “Can they kill? Hah! Oh girrrrl, these things are harmless!”

{ Scientists can now manually switch flies’ sexuality. I can’t imagine the impact that this could have upon the
LGBT community if it could be applied to humans. When thinking of this, images of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” haunt me.

{Apparently scientists have also devised a method to create self catching fish. If this were to ever pan out I guess it would mean the end of all those “Perfect Storm” type fishing shows. Damn.

{Finally, this does not count as current news, but it is new to me. It seems that the news/fear mongerers always blow any sort of shooting or bombing (especially school related) way out of proportion. Now, I’m not saying that these things shouldn’t be mentioned, but they happen, will happen, and have happened. In other words, it’s important not to stop living, this is how the world goes.

Case in point, of all the “terrible” shootings stories that I have ever lived to encounter, nothing seems as gruesome as the 1927 Bath School Disaster. In fact, it is still the deadliest act of mass murder in U.S. school history. Long story short, Andrew Kehoe, a school board member got angry at a levy, which he blamed on a subsequent foreclosure. Soooo, he killed his wife, bombed his farm, bombed the school, drove over, got out, and fired his gun at his car filled with explosives. The end. The sign below is Kehoe’s epic last message — left in a fence and later found by authorities.

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