Big Huge Econocrises-a-rama: Welcome to the Recession

Here’s a red, white, and blue, but mostly blue, roundup of really interesting articles and views about the American economy. Ultimately, the aim was to take all of this information, and amalgamate it into one cohesive post for spicy readership worldwide, but alas, I’m not sure how to feel. Thrifty? Yep. Worried about my future? Yep (though as an anxious, obsessive compulsive this rarely changes). Patriotic? Not so much right now.

Suburbia: The Next Slum?

Denver Housing Exodus

Lenders are Choosing to Abandon Foreclosed Homes

This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money – An Explanation of the Current Crise

The Economist: New Urban/Suburban Nomadism and its Significance

Chinese Firms Outsource to U.S.

and semi-related: Object Orange

[via BoingBoing and Wooster Collective]

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