Lo-Fi Like You’re Lazy: ASCII/Image Generators

I’ve been cleaning house a bit — going through old bookmarks and such (I know, I know, I should use del.icio.us) and here are a handful of image related links for your ASCII/image meme creation pleasure.

ASCII Image Converter: Exactly what it sounds like.

ASCII Image Search: Search for a word — the first google image result is then created into an ASCII version made out of the word itself. Spicybiscotti (below) was hilariously transformed into our most prevalent search term blackwater private military contractor. I love the culturally deterministic feel of it — that spicybiscotti manifests itself as a PMC or vice versa that the PMC is wholly created bye spicybiscotti.

ASCII Text Generator: Lots of options and nice example of the variations there are in ASCII art.

Spell with Flickr: Super easy ransom note generator/great typographic photo roundup.

Ronald McHummer: Throw your own message under the golden arches.

Badge Generator: Cassettes/Records/Etc: Slap your words on everything from concert tickets to the church of scientology’s sign.

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