Rock City Celebration: Stanleytown Once Again

Last week the Detroit Red Wings won the NHL championship and were awarded their 11th Stanley Cup and 3rd in the last decade. While the Pittsburgh Penguins finally showed up after two games, they were clearly out-classed by our hometown club.

1.4 million fans descended on downtown Detroit Friday morning to welcome the boys home. It was 93 degrees with unbearable humidity, but my crew and I bravely skipped work to join the fun.

This kid had some serious spirit. Excuse the frat-boy-douche pose I’m doing and just focus on the kick ass cephalopod he’s holding.

Of course Al was in attendance. The crown is a nice touch I think.

Hank was really enjoying the crowd, and wore his Conn Smythe like a hat for most of the parade. (AP Photo)

And here it is, the Holy Grail. Apparently some drunk knocked it over at Cheli’s Chili Bar and dented it. I’m sure it’ll buff right out.

Despite feeling the effects of dehydration by the afternoon, we had a blast.

Let’s do it again next year, eh?

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