Egyptian Lover: The Cairene Travels of Spicy Nate

Cairo is quite the city. The pollution here turns your snot black (or is it the public chain smoking?), traffic rules need not apply, social disparity is enormous, and I love it. Here’s a small list of some of the highlights of my trip thus far:

^ Mosque Masjid a-Noor or Mosque of Light

^ The traditional ceremonial marshmallow cone consumed on most Graham Family air vacations

^ Pocari Sweat, the most appetizing sounding sports drink. Ever. The Egyptian Ho Hos may be the only form of cultural imperialism I wholeheartedly approve of. I can now safely rest knowing that somewhere, somehow, chubby little Egyptians can have the same glucose filled childhoods much like those that I remember so fondly.

^ Mini T-shirts are big here. I don’t understand it. This shirt in particular is absolutely ridiculous. It features the over-exposed face doppelganger of a small child who happens to be sitting in the seat directly in front of it. Creepy.

[This is all I can get out on my internet connection thus far… more to come soon]

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