Big Fat Fusion: Chino Bandido

This week I’ll be coming to you from the American West. While out here on holiday I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for and my face stuffed with sB-approved nuggets of culture. First up is a culinary mash-up that if not for my friend Nick Villarreal, would make no sense to me. Surprisingly, Phoenix-based Chino Bandido Takee Outee’s modus operandi becomes clear as day after the first bite.

It’s not much to look at, and the ambiance is best described as “garage-like”, but from the second you open the door you can tell something special is housed within. Maybe it’s the incredible smell of Asian and Latin spices or the collection of people more eclectic than Mos Eisley Cantina, but you just know you’re in for an adventure.

Chino Bandido has an extensive menu that includes all the fare you’d expect from your local Chinese take out joint plus Mexican favorites to mix in. Just pick one or two entrees and add fried rice and frijoles. You can even get your entree wrapped up in a burrito. Carnitas egg foo yung anyone?

I ordered the Pollo Diablo and Emerald Chicken with steamed rice and black beans. Nearly two pounds of food for only $7.25

Pancho Panda here is proudly displayed on murals, tee shirts, hats, and this glorious statue.

It should be noted that while the food was fantastically fresh and delicious, even more impressive was the service. The staff was friendly and lightening fast. My order was being brought to me literally before I’d filled my drink and sat down. I left full, satisfied, and wanting to open up my own Chinese-Mexican fusion joint in East Lansing. I think it would do rather well with the bar crowd.

Chino Bandido
15414 North 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 375-3639

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