Seen on the Streets of Cairo: a.k.a. Spicy Returns

We’re back! After quite a long hiatus derived from multinational travel, dead internet connections, and mandatory mind-numbing career training, Spicy will resume its regular posting schedule.

Found on the streets of Zamalek in the middle of the Nile, this was one of the few examples (actually the only) of legitimate graffiti that I encountered during my time in Egypt. There were a lot of random toys and odds and ends of arabic words, but nothing that seemed to be thrown up as art or as something other than thoughtless name calling. I attribute the lack of graffiti to a number of things, most glaringly the heavy handed government run by Hosni Mubarrak. Public dialog in general seems to be something very hard to find and in some ways it’s not suprising that this has not translated well to street art.

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