For the Dog you Love: FortiFido

Looking for a new way to waste money? For years humans have been throwing money away on all kinds of gimmicky water and water-like drinks. Now, thanks to FortiFido, you can do the same for your best friend.

For only a dollar and a half (per liter) you can ensure your dog is getting the nutrients he needs and the flavors he craves out of his water. There are four different formulas for the canine connoisseur that loves variety. Choose from: peanut butter with added calcium for stronger bones, spearmint for fresher breath, lemongrass for joint health, and parsley with zinc for a radient skin!

Spicy Labs recently got their hands on two bottles. Hey, if it’s good enough for our pets, it’s good enough for us right?

They certainly look refreshing. Hit read more to see the full taste test and review.

I’m up first with the Parsley flavor. It smells grassy.

Unexpected delight washes over me as it actually tastes quite nice. Cool water with just a hint of earthiness.

On to the peanut butter flavor. Nate looks suspect as he takes a sniff.

Already his skeletal system grows stronger with the first sip.

What can I say that this pic doesn’t?

While Nate only tolerated the parsley flavor, I actually got some strange enjoyment out of it and even took a few extra sips just to be sure. We both agreed that the peanut butter flavor was absolutely awful. It had a “muddy” flavor and I wouldn’t even feed it to…well…my dog. Our career prospects as professional food critics are effectivly zero now that we’ve willingly eaten pet food, but we do these things not for ourselves, only for the greater good. We’ll do anything for our readership. Countdown until the “Ol’ Roy vs Iams” post starts today.

One thought on “For the Dog you Love: FortiFido

  1. i had no idea that peanut butter flavored water was something that science was capable of achieving, but i definitely find it disgusting.

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