Beautifying the Broken and Dystopic: The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project is an urban art project meant to reclaim the vacant and barren lots found on Detroit’s Heidelberg Street — to convert them into something more than detritus filled eyesores.

My friend Paul Thomas recently took a bike trip downtown and captured the anomaly that is the Heidelberg Project on film. Check out his video above, full of shopping carts, stuffed animals stapled to telephone poles, and folk art high heels. The stained and broken teddy bears along with numerous scrawlings of the word “god,” seem to defy the usual limitless optimism/positive energy of some community based urban art projects, acknowledging the dark and brooding metropolis that is a reality for so many people.

As an addendum, Paul is also vigilantly working to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty in the State of Michigan. Besides being an active volunteer in the greater Detroit and Lansing area, he is working on a website that helps to give homelessness some humanity by sharing the stories of those in need. For some insight, please visit here.

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