Sarah America!: Vernacular Political Iconography in Ohio

Sarah Palin

How do you express love for your favorite politico or politica?  How do you scream to the mountain tops that you too are down for wolf-hunting from helicopters?  How do you make sure everyone knows you also belong to a faith that believes dinos and humans once roamed together in sweet harmony? Carve it into corn.  Wait.  Make that a corn maze — as if we didn’t need another metaphor to describe the political confusion this country is seemingly always wrapped up in.  A farm in Whitehouse Ohio hired an artist to carve Miss Palin’s frosty Alaskan visage into their field, topped by the beaming curlicues of a cursive “Sarah America”.  What?! No Biden? No Obama? I guess this just isn’t bipartisan family entertainment.

You can find a typically unfunny local news clip of the gigantor VP nom here.

[via Agents Erin and Faiza]

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