Instant Gratification: Instant Arts Grants

Steve Lambert (of Add-Art and Ronald’s Crisis notoriety) and The Federation of Students and Nominally or Unemployed Artists recently collected $1000 dollars.  This money was gathered with the sole intention of doling it out in part to any artist/anyone who could give a convincing explanation of how it would foster their creativity.  Given to about forty recipients who were passing in Union Square, the grants went towards projects such as knitting, photojournalism, and accordion repair. As per their website: “The FSNUA aims to re-inspire creative thinking and action in everyday people by removing a small barrier and providing encouragement.”

I once worked alongside Steve and he left a indelibly strong impression on me, because of his insistence that anyone can be an artist and that anyone can make art.  I’m glad to see that he is continuing to share this encouragement with other people who might need to hear it, much like I did.

[via Wooster Collective]

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