Masry in the Media: Egyptian Laws and Landmarks

I’ve been following the Middle East, specifically Egypt a bit more closely ever since I left in July. It’s been an interesting evolution of thought as I’ve compared the land of pharaohs to our own. In some ways Egypt is incredibly different and often backwards, especially in the areas of women’s rights, and freedom of speech, but flying into Detroit on the way back, it’s hard not to see the backwardness of America, as well. With that being said, the Egypt that I experienced, being a white, male, student, other, was one markedly different than the one that exists — being an outsider it was very hard for me to have a genuinely Egyptian experience in my short time there (my American citizenship also excluded me from some realities of Egyptian life). After traveling there, it’s been fascinating to read about the social and political issues there that did not exist to me as a foreigner.

Recently a number of articles have appeared on the beeb in reference to this. Of note, three talk about sexual harassment and the first known imprisonment for this crime. The fourth is a frank discussion about the emergency law, the scary social implications, and resulting political discontent.

Landmark Sexual Harassment Case

Egyptian Statistics on Sexual Harassment

Women on the Reality of Sexual Harassment

Egyptian Thoughts on the Emergency Law

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