Impressionist Me, Now Me: My Classy Doppelganger

nate graham diego rivera

Steve Lambert and Friends recently took Ze Frank’s Young Me, Now Me and upped the boojy levels.  Their spin, called Impressionist Me, Now Me calls for this.

“Here’s the rules:
1. Search or other sites for a historical painting, drawing, or early photograph that looks like you. (It’s easier than you think) It doesn’t have to be an impressionist painting, that’s just what we started with.
2. Create a photo of you today where you recreate the pose and scene as best you can. Try to dress the same.
3. Put the two images side by side and upload it into the comments!”

My terrifying rendition of Amadeo Modigliani’s portrait of Diego Rivera is above.
Head on over to labs to add your own and see what other painted twins people have stumbled upon.

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