I’m Tired of the Burning River Jokes: The Mind of Cleveland

Carl Pope - Mind of Cleveland

I’ve lived in Cleveland nearly all my life.  The skies are grey.  The city is considered ugly by many and much like its rust belt brethren it’s suffering from tough times.  With that being said, I love it.  I love Cleveland with the same fervor that many Michiganders I know love Detroit.  There are few things more beautiful than the flaming towers of plants, barren factories, and other remnants left in this post-industrial city.  Given my affection, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across “The Mind of Cleveland,” a series of billboard works by artist Carl Pope.  This balanced view of Cleveland, bleak but hopeful is nice to see.  It’s not often you find something in between the rainbows/unicorns and the grim wails of collapse.

The Mind of Cleveland

[via This Isn’t Happiness]

One thought on “I’m Tired of the Burning River Jokes: The Mind of Cleveland

  1. So true, so true, I endured living there for many years, then as soon as I could, I got out of there and moved to Florida. Still, many are still up there, enduring the winters, and all that goes with it. Bless them !

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